NASSA invites every one of the primary schools involved in our Ball 2 Success schools programme to join a monthly basketball league (500 members). The league can cater for a maximum of 25 schools per academic year.

Teams must include a minimum of four girls and as the purpose of this league to offer a recreational, fun element within a competitive league structure, all schools are encouraged to share court time equally between their players to give them playing opportunities.

Each of the participants is invited to attend the NASSA club sessions and play in National League competitions. NASSA never selects players – the opportunity is open to all.

Schoolchildren aged 8-11, the majority of whom are from BME backgrounds – up to 10 players per team of whom at least four must be girls, from up to 25 schools

A monthly basketball league in which every school plays each other once on a 10-minute game. Play-offs, semi-finals and a final decide the overall winner.

Once a month during the academic year (October-April), for four hours after school (usually 3-7pm) – each team plays three or four games in each session

A central venue, usually Cumberland School or the University of east London SportsDock, with games running on three courts

•    Health – regular physical activity and sport
•    Competition and team play – playing to win but also learning how to be a team member
•    Inter-school activity – bringing schools closer together
•    Social skills – increased confidence drawn from playing outside their normal environment, discipline, timekeeping
•    Friendship –meeting pupils from different schools offers up possibilities for new friendships.