Our Stars

Behind the kind eyes and the winning smile of NASSA’s Head Coach CHRIS FACEY and the UK Community Coach of the Year 2014 is a story of basketball heartbreak that few know. Read Chris’ story here

Many teenagers have behavioural issues. For SIDNEY EKIO, though, anti-social behaviour led to exclusion from school. His intelligence and talent as a leader were being wasted.
It needed the love of his blood family and the care of his basketball family at NASSA to pull him back from the brink and to give him a second chance. Read Sidney’s story here

ENOCH DENKIYRAH has always been small for his age. At school that led to him being bullied which in turn caused him to become withdrawn and very shy. His circle of friends was small and his evenings were spent mostly at home.
That all changed when he joined NASSA three years ago. Read Enoch’s story here

Tragedy shaped ANTHONY OKEREAFOR’s teenage years. Two of his friends were killed in separate knife-related incidents in 2008. Instead of embracing bitterness and anger, Anthony decided to set up the Carry A Basketball Not A Blade (CABNAB) initiative to try and educate his peers on how to cope with the temptations they faced. Read Anthony’s story here