Parents Group

NASSA is incredibly proud of its parent volunteers who give so much of their time to us. They help in so many ways – transporting the teams to games, officiating, doing the boring stuff with admin work and membership forms. But most of all, they support us in instilling the NASSA values and are a huge part of the NASSA family. Thank you all.
“What Chris [NASSA Head Coach Chris Facey] does as a coach that no-one else does is give himself. Young people want to play basketball because of him. He treats every kid as his own. He prioritises schoolwork and being respectful to your parents over basketball. That’s the greatest thing of all because not every kid is going to play in the NBA, but he tries to get them to have an education. He lives and breathes it all. He’s absolutely fantastic.”
Marina Gunn – parent of two NASSA players

“Chris [NASSA Head Coach Chris Facey] doesn’t just talk about basketball to the kids, he talks to them about life. That is the difference between him and other coaches. I know my son is being mentored by someone who can teach him how to be a good man. He instils in the kids the value of life, which is important.”
Jenny Mendioro – parent of a NASSA player