Aug 09

Rt Hon Stephen Timms – MP for Newham and NASSA patron

“Newham All Star Sports Academy (NASSA) has made a remarkable contribution to Newham since 2006 and I am proud to be one of its patrons. The first London club to achieve the Five Star Club mark from England Basketball, its teams have won namt national league titles across all age groups.

Rt Hon Stephen Timms – MP for Newham and NASSA patron

“I have hosted NASSA’s annual awards ceremony at the House of Commons since 2009 to celebrate young people’s success on and off the basketball court.
“The Carry A Basketball Not A Blade (CABNAB) project supported by the Metropolitan Police has enthused many young people in Newham and has made a powerful case for positive involvement in sport instead of the negative alternatives.”
Rt Hon Stephen Timms – MP for Newham and NASSA patron.


•    Health – regular physical activity and sport
•    Competition and team play – playing to win but also learning how to be a team member
•    Inter-school activity – bringing schools closer together
•    Social skills – increased confidence drawn from playing outside their normal environment, discipline, timekeeping
•    Friendship –meeting pupils from different schools offers up possibilities for new friendships.

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